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About Adaptive Climbing

The Adaptive Climbing Wall, with its companion Activity Guide, helps instructors effectively include youth with special needs in their climbing program. The smooth, Dry-Erase and magnet-accepting surface can be used for writing and magnet play games. The grab-bar style hand holds and ledge-style foot holds provide stability and extra support. The Adaptive Climbing Wall is ideal for adapted or inclusive physical education, occupational therapy and physical therapy and provides opportunities to develop balance, body awareness, muscle strength, motor planning and more.
Climbing provides proprioceptive input to improve sensory integration. The Adaptive Traverse Wall® is well suited for special education classes where learning and movement can be integrated and problem solving, visual attention and concentration can be improved. WATCH THE VIDEO


*ADAPTIVE WALL PACKAGE INCLUDES: Adaptive Panels, Standard 2-inch mats, Cordless Mat Locking® System, Adaptive Climbing Holds, Groperz™ Hand Holds, Red-Relief® Line, Climbing the Walls Activity Guide, Adaptive Climbing Activity Guide, Dry Erase Markers, Sentence Building, Word and Math Magnets, Traverse Wall® Rules & Guidelines Sign, Safety, Care and Maintenance Instructions, Outlet Frames (if needed) and Self Installation DVD (if needed).


Adaptive Climbing Wall
Adaptive Climbing Wall Adaptive Climbing Wall

"I climbed next to him all the way to the end."
(5-year-old boy
with autism)

Adaptive Climbing Wall

Dry-erase and magnetic surface for visual and kinesthetic learning.

“It was fun
to climb and
put words on
the wall.”

(5-year- old boy with undiagnosed developmental delays)

Adaptive Climbing Wall
Adaptive Climbing Wall
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